Waiting on Wednesday – again

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Waiting on Wednesday is hosted by Jill on her blog 🙂

And I decided to turn the tables again 😉 As there are so many books published every week, it becomes harder and harder to pick only one. So I wrote a list. A list of things I am waiting for this wednesday.


The Girl Who Saved the King of Sweden – Jonas Jonasson

On June 14th, 2007, the King and Prime Minister of Sweden went missing from a gala banquet at the Royal Castle. Later it was said that both had fallen ill: the truth is different. The real story starts much earlier, in 1961, with the birth of Nombeko Mayeki in a shack in Soweto. Nombeko was fated to grow up fast and die early in her poverty-stricken township, be it from drugs, from alcohol, or just from plain despair. But Nombeko takes a different path. She finds work as a housecleaner and eventually makes her way up to the position of chief advisor, at the helm of one of the world’s most secret projects.
Here is where the story merges with, then diverges from reality. South Africa developed six nuclear missiles in the 1980s, then voluntarily dismantled them in 1994. This is a story about the seventh missile… the one that was never supposed to have existed. Nombeko Mayeki knows too much about it, and now she’s on the run from both the South African justice and the most terrifying secret service in the world. She ends up in Sweden, which has transformed into a nuclear nation, and the fate of the world now lies in Nombeko’s hands. 

Even though I haven’t read any of Jonasson’s books before, I am really looking forward to reading this one. It sort of just caught my eye and made me really curious.


Maleficent (Trailer)

First reason why I cannot wait until this movie finally is in the cinemas – clearly Angelina Jolie. Second one – I just love the Sleeping Beauty. It is one of my favourite tales and so I am really excited to see, what they made out of it and how their interpretation is going to turn out. The trailers on their own seem very promising to me.


And again, as I am not really playing video games on regular bases and I have no idea which games are going to be published, this is „just“ a video game waiting for me. The game is called „The Cat Lady“ and it was a very sweet gift from my best friend. So I am very curious and looking forward to exploring the game.


I am also waiting for my drivers license, which is being sent to me, but it has not arrived yet and as I am a little impatient, I am checking the mail at least twice a day – just in case 😀

What are you waiting for this wednesday? I would love to know as well as any experience with the Cat Lady and I hope you have a nice wendesday 🙂




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