Christmas – Waiting on Wednesday



Waiting on Wednesday is hosted by Jill on her blog breaktingthespine 🙂

Well, this week I am not waiting for a book – I am waiting for Christmas. And Guys, only one more week! 😀

If it wasn’t for studying, I probably would be baking christmas cookies, preparing gifts and wraping them all the thime. Also I am trying to get in a propper mood, which is not as easy as it sounds with all the stress around me. But I am trying 🙂

I am really looking forward to the holidays and I am hoping for a little bit of snow, even though I doubt, that we are going to be this lucky…

This is what my city could look like with a little bit of snow 🙂

The thing I like the most about this time of the year ist the special contemplation and the whole mood  – in other words, the winter and christmas magic. And all that’s missing for the right winter wonderland feeling is snow. As I already have the punsch/hot chocolate and the cookies 😉

What do you like the most about this time of the year? And what are you looking forward to the most? I would love to know 🙂



10 Kommentare zu „Christmas – Waiting on Wednesday

  1. Schnee wünsche ich mir auch sehr. Ich hoffe, dass das Wetter sich kurzfristig ändert und wir doch noch Weiße Weihnachten bekommen. Ich bin sonst kein Freund von Schnee, wenn man vor die Tür und auf Arbeit muss. Aber an den Feiertagen wäre es schon sehr schön.

    Ansonsten genieße ich an Weihnachten die Gemütlichkeit total. Warme Kerzen, dampfender Tee, leise Weihnachtsmusik, gemütliche Filme im Fernsehen, das ist toll. Und ich genieße die vielen Vorbereitungen, auch wenn sie stressig sind. Aber das Stöbern nach Geschenken, das Einpacken der kleinen Päckchen, das Plätzchenbacken… Hach, toll!

    Ich wünsche dir eine wunderschöne restliche Adventszeit und ganz tolle Weihnachten! 🙂

  2. Great idea for the meme! 😀 I think everyone is waiting for Christmas! I don’t think we’ll have any snow, too. 😦 But, there’s always hope! 😉 I’m looking forward the most to the family members that live in other countries, they’ll visit for the holidays, so I can’t wait to see them IRL. I also adore browsing for Christmas decorations, even though I have more than enough already 😀

    Happy Holidays!!!

  3. That looks gorgeous, Smarty! Where is that? I wish we’d get snow for Christmas, but Geneva is usually just grey with rain at this time of the year. We’re lucky enough to live very close to the French Alps, though, so it’s possible to search for snow and sunshine!
    Have a fantastic Christmas 🙂

    1. It does, doesn’t it? 🙂 It is behind the university in my hometown, a rather beautiful city in Austria 😉
      What a pitty, that there is no snow, but the Alps definitely sound beautiful – so have a wonderful Christmas yourself and see, that you get to enjoy some snow 🙂

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