Merry Christmas!

There are many ways to wish someone a nice holiday and I decided to go with these






I have only one short question, before you go back and celebrate with your families. What do you value and like the most about Christmas? For me the time with my familiy is the most valuable thing, but I also really like the whole mood, even though I am having trouble getting into it (there is no snow 😦 ) And a absolutely love the ritual of Christmas (not the wasting money on overpriced gifts-part) but the whole experience. Which has not lost it’s magic, even though I am not a child anymore. The only thing missing is Winter Wonderland – so please let it snow and have a wonderful Christmas everyone 🙂




Ein Gedanke zu “Merry Christmas!

  1. wortmagieblog schreibt:

    For me, the most valuable point is the time spent with my family, too. I don’t really care about gifts, but I love to sit together with my loved ones, chatting, eating and drinking. That’s what makes Christmas wonderful.

    Have a glorious Christmas Eve. 🙂


    Gefällt mir

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